If you are a runner and you are out training and racing a lot, then chances are you are going to be running in some crappy weather at some point. 

If you are entering tail or ultra marathons, one of the requirements is usually to have a waterproof jacket with taped seams.

So, today I have decided to put together a list of the best running waterproof jackets to help you find this all-important piece of kit. 

Of course, it’s not just a case of purchasing the first jacket we see. There are a number of features you should be looking for to ensure you have the right jacket for the task.

So let’s look at some of the features you should be considering when purchasing a running waterproof jacket.

Be Fully Waterproof

If the jacket says water-resistant or water-repellent then there is a good chance that the jacket isn’t fully waterproof.

This is all well and good but consider this before purchasing. If you are out on a long run or a race and your jacket lets the water through then you are going to find yourself very wet, may be very cold and uncomfortable. 

Look out for taped seams – this is what you want your jacket to have. Any areas such as zips and joins should be taped to keep the water out.

If you are entering Ultra Marathons, a lot will state on the kit list that you must have a waterproof jacket with taped seams.

Waterproof garments are given a waterproof rating that is determined by a hydrostatic head test.

The rating will often be shown in mm and the higher the rating, the more waterproof the jacket. The minimum standard for a jacket to be waterproof is 1,500mm.

This means that the jacket can withstand 1,500mm of water over a day before the water will start to penetrate through. A jacket with a rating of 2,000mm is classed as being suitable for moderate rain.


There is a fine balance between how waterproof a jacket is to how breathable it will be in a lot of cases.

Whilst the ability to be waterproof is essential, we also want the material to breathe.

The idea is that if you begin to sweat, we want the moisture to be taken away from the body. If it’s a warm day you will overheat and in the cold, you may start to get colder.

Always check that the jacket has good breathability.


Most jackets are fairly lightweight nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hold water. 

Try to avoid jackets that hold water whilst remaining waterproof as the weight difference will be not only noticeable but also very annoying.


Yes, the fit of the jacket is really important. You should find a jacket that fits closely to the body whilst still feeling comfortable.

Purchase a baggy jacket and run on a windy day! Might as well be wearing a parachute with all the drag you will encounter – it’s no fun at all.


Not essential, but I do like a jacket that packs away in a small bundle. It just makes it so much easier when you are out on very long days and you may be a little tight for space.


A good running waterproof jacket can be costly and of course, not everyone’s budget can stretch to some of the prices.

I this review I will try to review at least one jacket that is as cheap as possible whilst still holding the essentials outlined above.

OMM Kamleika Race Jacket


  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Packs Up Small
  • Great Fit


  • May Be a Bit Expensive for Some

I have owned OMM Kamleika Race Jackets for around 3 years now and I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a great waterproof race jacket. I love mine.

The jacket is made with OMM’s own Kamleika material and is a 4-way stretch material.

The material itself is really soft and stretchy – you really wouldn’t believe that the material itself was waterproof but it absolutely is.

In terms of how waterproof the jacket is, it is at the top end of the hydrostatic scale at 20,000mm, yet it is very breathable as well.

The cuffs on the arms have a velcro closure that can also double up as a thumb loop, which in turn stops the sleeves from riding up your arms. It also gives a little extra coverage by riding over the top of the knuckles.

The jacket also has a snug fit, but this is perfect as it really does fit well and due to the fabric it creates little noise when wearing it – sounds irrelevant but believe me, a noisy rubbing jacket on long days out can be really annoying.

This jacket is made for both Ladies and Gents and generally gets good reviews. It is definitely one of those bits of running kits you should consider. 

Gore R7 Shakedry Hooded Jacket


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • Breathable


  • Only Designed for Running
  • Material is Very Thin

The Gore R7 Shake Dry jacket is designed specifically with runners in mind. It is incredibly lightweight coming in at 118g.

So, if you are looking for a jacket that is specifically for running then this might just be the right one for you as you will bearly notice you are wearing it due to how light it is.

If you are someone who also likes to bike and trek and wears a backpack a lot, then this jacket might not be suitable for your needs.

The material is very thin, so wearing a backpack continually might just start to wear on the material and damage it so make sure you are sure of its use prior to purchase.

The jacket itself has a little stretch to it, but nothing like the OMM Kamleika and it does fit quite snug.

The jacket is very simple in design and has elasticated cuffs and the hood is not adjustable.

All in all, the jacket is a decent choice if you just plan to run, but if you are a multisport type of person then it might be worth considering other jackets from this list.

Arc’teryx Norvan SL Hoody


  • Gore-Tex
  • Lightweight
  • Great for Trails
  • Comfortable to Wear


  • No Storage Pockets

Very much designed with wet trails in mind, the Arc’Teryx is a beast of a jacket.

It is very lightweight at 125g and is made with Gore-Tex material so you can guarantee it has the ability to be waterproof as well as breathable.

It is a very minimal design, hence the lack of storage pockets, but works very well alongside your Hydration or Race Vest.

If you are a trail or Ultra runner then this jacket might just be the one for you. It also packs up really small and can stow away in one of your pack pockets quite easily.

The jacket uses the Gore-Tex Shakedry technology which means it sheds water really well which in turn reduces the overall weight in the rain significantly, which also means it is highly breathable too.

The jacket is designed as a fairly slim fit, meaning you won’t have the excess drag on those windy days out.

The jacket also comes with a few reflective bits for night running so you can be seen. However, like with most night time running, I would definitely consider a head torch to stay extra safe.

SALOMON Men's Bonatti Pro WP Jacket


  • Fitted Hood
  • Lightweight
  • Can Wear Over Backpack


  • No major Issues

The Salomon Bonatti Pro jacket is incredibly popular. Not only because it is made by one of the biggest running gear companies, but also because it is so good.

It is perfect in every way for when you are out on the trails. Minimal, waterproof and light which is what you need when you are out for long periods in potentially poor weather.

The jacket has a fitted hood which is great when you are out on wet days. It certainly helps to keep the rain off your face much better than a standard hood and is also helpful when it is windy.

The jacket packs down into its own chest pocket so the storage is compact. This also makes it ideal when using your race vest to store it as well.

One of the nice touches that Salomon has added is a little extra volume in the back area of the jacket. This allows you to wear the jacket over the top of your race vest, ensuring everything stays dry.

There is also the added bonus of waist adjustment on the jacket so you can wear it as you see fit.

Overall, this is one of the best and most popular jackets on the market today.

Asics Accelerate Jacket


  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Thumb Loops
  • Comfortable
  • Pocket Space


  • Not the Most Comfortable on Review

This lightweight jacket’s stretchy fabric makes it super comfortable wherever you might be running.

The shell has sealed seams as you would expect from a waterproof jacket and is well-ventilated.

The jacket comes with elasticated cuff and thumb loops which is a preference for some runners.

There is lots of pocket space and even has a chest pocket with a media port for headphones. So if you like to listen to a bit of music when out on your run then this is a great option.

The jacket is also wind resistant as well as being waterproof which is great if you are out on a cold and windy run out on the trails.

The jacket is not as slim fitting as some of the others on review, but it’s not too baggy either. So if you like a bit of room when you are out and about then this fit might just be right for you.

Marmot Precip Jacket


  • Value For Money
  • Decent Ventilation
  • Good Breathability for Price


  • No Chest Pocket
  • Not as Breathable as More Expensive Jackets

The Marmot Precip has had many iterations over the years and is still a great value for money jacket it cost is important to you.

It has decent breathability for when you are out running and comes with a good hood and jacket closures.

The jacket is fairly lightweight, as would be expected with a slightly lower-end price tag but it is adequate for the job at hand.

There is decent storage space in the pockets and the hood can also be rolled away, which is great if a flapping hood is something that can irritate you.

All in all the jacket is a great option if you have a smaller budget or you just want something that offers value but keeps you dry when you need it to.

Final Thoughts

Finding a waterproof jacket that is not only waterproof but is breathable, comfortable and cost-effective can be a difficult choice to make.

As outlined above, my main choices would be the OMM Kamleika which is my main jacket of use over the past few years or the Salomon Bonatti which is a hugely popular jacket.

Either way, it has to be something you are comfortable with.

Hopefully, the jackets outlined above can help you decide which one is right for you on your next running adventure.

All the best,