The Best Blenders For Smoothies 2020

the best blenders for smoothies

I have been drinking smoothies for a few years now since incorporating a plant-based diet. For me, there is no easier way to get the right nutrients into my body in a tasty and efficient way. But which ones are the best blenders for smoothies?

To make a great smoothie you need a good blender and one that is certainly going to last. I have had many that have not stood the test of time due to motors burning out, blades breaking or just generally not being very good at blending.

Choosing The Right Blender

Choosing the right blender for you might be a little more difficult than we think to be honest. I certainly wouldn’t go out and buy the cheapest blender possible if I was going to use ingredients that are tough to break down.

So what are the considerations when buying a new blender for our great smoothies?

Motor Power

The motor is one of those vital components if you want to ensure great blended smoothies and a piece of kit that is built to last. If you buy something that is going to scream every time you add tough ingredients like Kale then it’s not going to last very long at all.

As a reference, I would recommend finding a blender that has a motor with a power setting of no less than 1 HP (Horse Power). The very best blenders such as the Vitamix range will typically have a motor output in the region of 2 HP which is more like a professional style blender.

Strong Blades

I have lost count the number of times I have damaged the blades on cheap blenders. Once this happens, forget nice smoothies and welcome to lumpy drinks.

Don’t be fooled that the sharpest blades are the best. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many factors but it’s actually the material, strength, and shape of the blades that matter more. If a blade is turning at 250 mph I don’t think to be sharp really matters, do you?

You can rely on manufacturers like Vitamix to have brilliantly strong and effective blades that are made from the best quality stainless steel and are designed for a heavy workload.

The Container

Another very important factor is the container. This includes anything from the shape to the materials used.

You will probably notice that a lot of the expensive blenders have 4 or 5 sided containers as opposed to a smooth rounded one. Apparently this helps with the mixing and smoothness of your liquid. I have to say that the worst issues I have found with lumpy smoothies were normally with the smooth round type of container.

Plastic or glass is also a consideration. When buying plastic, which is more popular, try to ensure it is BPA free. I also found that glass jugs are very heavy and in my experience haven’t been as strong.

Another important factor is whether the jug is dishwasher safe – a lot of people want dishwasher safe equipment nowadays.


Of course, as with anything you are purchasing, especially if it’s expensive, we want to have a warranty along with the item and one that will be easy to get hold of spare parts.

Look for a blender with at least one year’s warranty. However, within this list, you will find some blenders that have a 7-year warranty which for me, tells me that they are of the highest quality and should be considered when making your decision.

Vitamix 5200 Series

The Vitamix 5200 is what many people think of when they hear the word ‘blender’. It is an incredibly popular product from the dominant blender brand in the US. It works well across the board for a whole host of functions and one of those is making green smoothies.

vitamix 5200 blenderIt is the best blender for green smoothies on the market bar none.

The Vitamix 5200 can make light work of any ingredients you want to put into your smoothie.

It chops consistently and evenly handling any produce you can throw at it. Vitamix is famous for introducing what are effectively commercial-grade options into your home kitchen and it doesn’t disappoint.

You can make nut butter, soup and all types of sauces – basically replacing your food processor.

The Vitamix 5200 handles leafy greens and ice with complete ease. If you need great green smoothies as a part of your blender needs, then this is a fantastic pick.

Overall, if you want a do it all blender that makes anything from smoothies to soup, then the Vitamix might just be a great option for you.

If your main intention is to just make healthy smoothies the majority of the time then this might end up being an expensive option – if so then read further down the list for some cheaper options you might want to consider.


  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Very Versatile
  • Built to Last


  • Expensive

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Blendtec Total Classic

Blendtec makes great machines in general and this is no exception, with this edition attempting to quite literally fit into a more compact niche.

best blender for smoothiesLike Vitamix, Blendtec pack commercial features into blenders that are suitable to our kitchens today. Like the Vitamix, this does come at an inflated price. The Blendtec Total Classic is quite expensive but cheaper than the Vitamix.

The Blendtec handles green smoothies with ease. Not only that, but it comes with presets to make almost any kind of drink, sauce or smoothie you can think of.

It crushes ice easily and deals with leafy greens with no issues at all.

The jar is Blendtec’s patented Wildside + with 5 sides. This makes it better for bigger, faster blends.

This innovative design automatically pulls ingredients down into the blade, so it blends even tough ingredients without the use of a tamper.

The only real downsides are the downsides of pretty much all Vitamix and Blendtec’s. It is expensive and it is noisy (blenders tend to be noisy).

The price is ok, but like the Vitamix, consider what you are going to use the blender for prior to spending your money.


  • Jug is Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Good Preset Options


  • Can be Noisy
  • Not the Best Warranty on Review

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Jamba Appliances 2.4HP

Thanks to its 2.4 peak horsepower motor, the Jamba is one of the most powerful blenders you can find for the money.

BEST BLENDER FOR SMOOTHIESIt chops, grinds, mixes, and blends most things very quickly and easily.

There are 4 program settings on this electric blender for smoothies, ice crushing, whole juice, and soup making it very convenient for most tasks at the press of a button.

The extra-large 64 oz BPA-Free container is shatterproof and can blend enough for family-size portions or even a smoothie for one.

It has an all-metal drive and a stainless steel blade that will easily power through ingredients such as frozen fruit, nuts, ice, and kale.

You can make your own great creations or alternatively get some ideas from the recipe book containing 150 great ideas.

Many of the features you will find on this blender plus the amazing power, makes the Jamba 2.4 hp Blender model as good as the top-end blenders, but is available at a cheaper price.

It’s definitely an option worth considering if you aren’t in the market for a top-end blender.

The Jamba has been built to last and provide years of great blending and is backed by an 8-year limited warranty.

A great addition to any kitchen.


  • Affordable Price Bracket
  • Good Warranty


  • Heavy
  • Not Dishwasher Safe

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Nutribullet NBR 1201

The Nutri Bullet 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System by Magic Bullet is portable, safe for kids, easy to use and effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture. 

Best Blender for SmoothiesThe NutriBullet System is quite simply the best product out there within its price range to make healthy, nutritious drinks.

NutriBullet’s exclusive extractor technology which uses a 600 watt motor with cyclonic action and the patented extractor blades.

This technology breaks down and pulverizes the stems, seeds, and skins where most of the essential nutrition lies – unlike what juicers and blenders do. 

Simply add your favourite fruits, vegetables, and boosts (nuts, seeds, herbs) to the NutriBullet, along with some water, and extract the ingredients into a smooth, tasty drink.

And the best part is a NutriBlast takes only seconds to prepare, seconds to clean and couldn’t be easier to take on-the-go.

The blender is certainly one to use if you want to make up your smoothie in a fast efficient way and get yourself out the door quickly. 

If smoothies are all you are planning to make then this might just be the blender for you.

If you want to be a little more adventurous with your food then check out one of the other blenders in this list.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Very Popular
  • Smoothies on the Go


  • Not the Most Powerful
  • Replace Blades Periodically

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Oster Versa Pro Series

The Oster Versa Performance blender comes equipped with a powerful 1400-watt motor and a stainless-steel blade that spins over 250 MPH to blend effortlessly, taking on recipes most typical blenders can’t handle.

Best Blender for SmoothiesCompared to other well-known performance blenders, the Oster Versa Performance blender is at a fraction of the price and still boasts a 64 oz BPA-Free jar.

The durable machine delivers the power needed to blend just about anything–from soup to nuts, making it easy to prepare fresh, flavorful foods that are part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Versa Performance blender comes with three programmed settings: Smoothie, Soup, and Dips/Spreads. The handy settings help you easily create your favorite menu items.

The Versa Performance blender features an all-metal drive where the two connecting pieces are made of metal (instead of plastic), which means a more durable and longer-lasting blender that you can rely on, year after year.

Even more, the blender’s stainless-steel six-point blade thoroughly blends ingredients so recipes turn out perfect every time.

The Blender is also covered by a 7-year limited warranty.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Good Mid-Range Option
  • Does More Than Just Smoothies


  • Not all Components are Stainless Steel

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Ninja Countertop Blender

The Ninja countertop Blender is effectively 2 blenders in one. You get a huge 72 oz BPA Free jug as well as the small blender with the 16 oz cup when you need to get out and on the go.

ninja countertop blenderThe blender comes with a powerful 1100 Watt motor – which provides enough power for the unit to be a viable option for a juice bar or cafe, so it is certainly powerful enough for the home user.

The Ninja’s six-blade system ensures super-fast blending of most ingredients.

A few customers have reported that blending various ingredients such as leafy vegetables and fruits can be done in a matter of seconds which is great news.

I know I am strapped for time in the morning so a fast efficient blender is perfect.

The blender really can make anything you want within reason. It crushes, blends, purees, and does so in a controlled way.

Many people use it to turn fruits and vegetables into thick juices that contain all of the nutrients that keep you healthy and strong.

You can make cocktails, dips, sauces, smoothies, soups, and juices with ease.

The Ninja countertop only comes with a one-year limited warranty, however, if you weigh up the cost and performance against far more expensive machines I think you are still getting yourself a good deal.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Huge 72oz Jug
  • Single Drinking Cups Included


  • Some Users Reported Leaks From Lid

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If you are in the market for a blender that does it all, especially when it comes to great smoothies, I think you will see the benefits from all of the blenders outlined above.

Some are expensive but you certainly get what you pay for in most cases. In my opinion, the best value for money with the performance it has to be the Vitamix – they are the best blenders for a reason.

However, if budget is your main goal then the Ninja Countertop Blender is a great choice.

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