The Best Quick Pop Up Tent – Save Time

Believe it or not, a pop-up tent is perfect for many things and not just camping which is why I wanted to review the best pop-up tents for camping today.

Personally, I use mine if I am staying overnight prior to or after a trail race or Ultramarathon. For me, there is nothing better than sleeping over prior to an early race. And of course, you can save a lot of money on accommodation. So you want a quick pop-up tent so you aren’t having to mess about prior to your race

The other beauty of a pop-up tent is that it can be used for general camping, a day at the beach, for the kids and of course, short overnight stays.

Pop-Up Tent Buying Guide

The great thing about a pop-up tent is that it is an easy and convenient option for the casual camper or someone who wants to use it on a short overnight stay.

As with any purchase you make, there are a number of factors you should consider before making your decision. Here are the main points you should be thinking about.


It’s important to know if the tent is waterproof or water-resistant.  Don’t get caught out assuming all tents are waterproof because they aren’t.

The last thing you want to find is that you assumed the tent was waterproof and then get soaked and ruin your kit in a downpour.

Water-resistant is great for the beach or a day out but not really for camping – unless you know it’s going to be dry of course.

Just be sure to check before you buy based on what your planned usage is going to be.


No point buying a 6-man tent if you only plan to use it as an individual on overnight stays. Unless you like loads of room of course.

It’s a choice for the individual of course, but something to consider.

Securing the Tent

By this, I mean tent pegs and guylines. No point putting up your brand new tent on a windy day and finding it blows halfway across the adjacent field.

Make sure there are plenty of securing fixtures so your tent is nice and stable at all times.


If it’s a warm evening it worth ensuring you can ventilate the tent. At least 2 openings would be a good start to allow airflow through the tent to keep you nice and cool on a warm evening.

Quechua 2 Two Second (2 Person)

This has been my go-to tent for a couple of years now. Taken it on a number of overnight stays and it has been brilliant. 

They quote 2 seconds to put it up and that’s true – it literally pops into place once you undo the securing buckle. Of course, you have to secure it to the ground but it takes minutes for sure.

One of my favourite feature of the tent is how dark it is inside, even in the day time. So if you fancy a bit of longer sleep, this helps avoid the sun lighting up the tent.

The tent weighs in at 7.3lb which is very lightweight indeed.

It is waterproof and has been tested to withstand winds at 50km/hr so you are nice and secure in the worst of weather.

You will find a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and I completely agree with this having used the tent a number of times.


  • Fast Assembly
  • Dark Inside
  • Great Value for Money


  • Might be cramped if you are over 6’2″

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Core Equipment Core 4 (4 Person)

The core 4 is another hugely popular pop-up tent that is very popular with casual campers. It has enough room to take a Queen size mattress so it’s ideal for couples that want plenty of room.

Opens in a new tab.The tent is very water-resistant but not waterproof. Even so, it will cope with light rain easily. 

The tent is quoted as being up and ready in 30 seconds. It is quick, but again, once you have secured it to the ground you are looking at around 5 minutes which is awesome.

One of the great things about the tent is that it has plenty of storage pockets. This means you can keep certain items separate from your sleeping area but also have better management of them.

You enter the tent via a large D-shaped door and there is also plenty of ventilation throughout the tent. If it’s a really warm summers evening, you can remove the flysheet for great ventilation throughout the sleeping area.


  • Up & Running in Minutes
  • Plenty of Space
  • Good Ventilation


  • Only Water Resistant

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Coleman Pop-Up Tent (2 & 4 Person)

Coleman has been making camping gear for many years and they are certainly a name you can trust.

Opens in a new tab.The smaller pop-up tents they offer and in both 2 and 4 person sizes which are a great choice to have.

It features waterproof seams to avoid any unwanted leaks and a weatherproof fly to keep you dry. 

It also has amazing ventilation due to the multiple ways the flysheet can be opened up. On a warm evening, you will have as much ventilation as you need to keep you cool.

The tent can be up and pitched within minutes so it’s easy to get set-up quickly so you can get on with your day.

Check out the video below to see just how easy this tent is to use.


  • Easy Set-Up
  • Lots of Ventilation
  • Great Manufacturer


  • Some Customers Stated it was on the Small Side

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Gazelle 33300 T3 (3 Person)

A different style of pop-up tent here but a great one. The Gazelle T3 is a slightly taller offering meaning you can pretty much stand up inside.

Opens in a new tab.It can pop-up and be ready within 90 seconds and has a separate waterproof roof that can be put on top in seconds.

You can quite comfortably sleep 3 and there is a floor space of 40 sq feet.

There are plenty of storage pockets and window openings allowing for great storage and ventilation. The floor can also be detached easily meaning you can sweep any excess debris straight out of the tent allowing you to keep the floor nice and clean.    

This tent also has 2 doors so you can get in and out easily without having to crawl through a hole.

All in all, a fantastic option.


  • The Average Person can Stand Inside
  • Waterproof Roof
  • Lots of Storage
  • Detachable Floor


  • One Customer Felt the Doors were Small

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Toogh Camping Tent (3 -4 Person)

The Toogh is designed for all adventures from backpacking to family adventures. The tent is waterproof so will keep you dry in most conditions.

Opens in a new tab.This is slightly different from the other tents on review as it uses a hydraulic hexagonal roof system to lift the tent into position. T

his makes the tent very easy to put up and down and locks nicely into place.

There is plenty of ventilation as the tent has 2 mesh doors so the airflow is great. 

All in all, it’s a good budget option for occasional campers.


  • Spacious Hexagonal Floor
  • Easy to Put Up
  • Easy to Store
  • Great Stability


  • No Instructions

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Whether you are staying overnight prior to a race, backpacking or spending some quality time with the family, the tents on review will suit your needs.

To be honest, I could have reviewed far more quick pop up tents but I just don’t think any of them beat what I have shown today. Far too many are of low quality and I just don’t want to talk about tents like that.

Hopefully, the tents on review will help you decide on your next adventure.

All the very best,


Mark Emmerson

Mark loves everything outdoors, especially trail and ultra running. He has competed in many events ranging from half marathon up to an 86 mile ultra. He also follows a primarily plant-based diet.

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